You can now donate to the Society for Equity in Astronomy through the University of Illinois Astronomy Department! As with other donations to the department, this gift is tax deductible as allowed by law. To give, go to the Astronomy Department’s Donation Page, and enter the amount under Department of Astronomy Annual Fund. Under Additional Instructions on the next page, make sure to indicate that the donation is for use by the Society for Equity in Astronomy group.

Our Mission Statement

In an ideal world, workplaces would function as a pure meritocracy. However, in practice, retention and advancement in one’s career are often reliant on far less objective factors. These factors – such as outright harassment, unconscious bias during promotion or hiring, and subtle environmental cues that people of certain identities are unwelcome – are pervasive, even in fields that tout objectivity as a defining characteristic.

The Society for Equity in Astronomy strives to promote equity and inclusion locally in Astronomy and related fields. We work to maintain a safe space environment, where members can feel free to talk about any problems they are having and explore the progression toward a more diverse and welcoming astronomy community. In addition to hosting general meetings, we host chats with visiting Astronomy colloquium speakers over tea, facilitate a graduate-to-undergraduate mentoring program, hold discussions on key topics related to equity and inclusion in Astronomy, STEM, and/or academia, and have general career development events for undergraduate and graduate students. These services require a small amount of funding to continue but have a broad and lasting impact.