Monthly Meetings

We meet roughly once every six weeks to discuss any updates to the group or our programs, women in astronomy in the news, women in astronomy articles, and to support each other.  Visit the monthly meetings page for notes on past meetings.

Astronomy Culture Journal Club

The Society for Equity in Astronomy invite graduate students in the Astronomy Department to participate in a monthly Journal Club focused on issues of diversity and inclusion in astronomy, STEM, and/or academia. For more information, check out our Astronomy Culture Journal Club page.


We offer both graduate-to-undergraduate and graduate-to-graduate mentoring programs.  In a field where women are still commonly outnumbered, mentoring women at early stages of their careers is especially important.  See our mentoring page for more information.

Diversity Colloquium

The Society for Equity in Astronomy (then Women in Astronomy) group partnered with Dr. Ed Bertschinger from MIT to bring a special colloquium to the University of Illinois Department of Astronomy on 11/18/2014.  Dr. Bertschinger’s talk title and abstract are below:

Hacking a Respectful and Caring Community in Your Department

Hacking refers to creative, collaborative effort to solve technical
problems. Just as the meaning of “hacker” has evolved, “technical
problems” can be extended to include factors that limit the success of
many academic departments in technical fields such as privilege,
unconscious bias, marginalization of out-group members, etc. Creative,
collaborative effort to advance a respectful and caring community can
leverage the power of diversity, improve student and faculty success,
and enhance the quality of life for everyone. I will describe the
successful efforts made to hack both diversity and excellence at MIT.

Colloquium Tea & Cookies

The Society for Equity in Astronomy sometimes hosts group meetings between our members and visiting colloquium speakers. These meetings generally focused on career development and experiences as women in astronomy. Tea and cookies are usually served!

Career Development Events

The Society for Equity in Astronomy sometimes organizes and hosts career development events. These events are usually open to any that are interested in attending. Previous such events include panels on applying to Postdoctoral positions. Visit the Career Development page for notes on past events.